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China Discovery - 2017
Essence of China with Yangtze River Cruise - 2017
Highlights of China - 2017
Grand China - 2017
Asia Tapestry: the best of China and Hong Kong - 2017
Discover China with Hangzhou - 2016
Affordable China - 2016
China in Luxury - 2016
SITAs Signature China - 2016
China Discovery and Hong Kong - 2017
Mystic Marvels of Indochina - 2017
Vietnam Sojourn - 2017
Treasures of Indochina - 2017
Mystic Marvels of Indochina - 2017
Cambodia: Siem Reap Extension - 2017
Ancient Angkor Wat & Beyond - 2017
Treasures of Indochina - 2017
Laos: Mekong Tranquility - 2017
Best of Thailand - 2017
Bangkok: Window to Thailand - 2017
Thailand Discovery - 2017
Bangkok and Phuket - 2017
Enticing Thailand - 2017
Beach Escape: Phuket - 2017
Beach Escape: Krabi - 2017
Beach Escape: Koh Samui - 2017
Best of Malaysia - 2017
Grand Mongolia Expedition - 2017
Tokyo: Window to Japan - 2017
Japan's Scenic Vistas - 2017
Affordable Japan - 2017
Sita's Japan Special - Cherry Blossom - 2017
Best of Korea - 2017
Korea at a Glance - 2017
Cultural Korea - 2017
Hong Kong
SITA's Hong Kong & Macau Special - 2017
China Discovery and Hong Kong - 2017
SITA's Hong Kong & Macau Special - 2017
Highlights of Taiwan - 2017
Taipei: Window to Taiwan - 2017
Splendors of Taiwan - 2017
Taipei Discovery - 2016
Highlights of Indonesia - 2017
Best of Bali - 2017
Best of Beach and Culture - 2017
Manila Surprise - 2017
Manila & Boracay Sojourn - 2017
Manila, Cebu & Bohol Interlude - 2017
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  Cultural Korea - 7 Days  
  From CAD 3,626 / person sharing  
  This journey features Korea's cultural heritage with a World Heritage Tour and a chance to come up close with history on a tour to the DMZ. Also included are Korea's largest cities, Seoul and Busan, along with Gyeongju - known as the "Museum Without Walls."  
  Essence of China with Yangtze River Cruise - 14 Days  
  From CAD 3,976 / person sharing  
  China's most awe-inspiring sights and cities are included in this 14-day feast of travel adventure. Behold, the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors and the ancient city of Fengdu. Enjoy the deluxe cruise ship for a trip down the Qutang and Wu Gorges finally landing in breathtaking Shanghai.  
  Grand China - 17 Days  
  From CAD 4,935 / person sharing  
  With this 17 day tour experience everything that China promises. You'll feel the grandeur of the Great Wall, marvel at the intricacies of terra cotta warriors, cruise through the extraordinary Three Gorges, journey to a land where limestone peaks pierce the air and rice fields abound, and roam the streets of an ultra-modern city.  
  Treasures of Indochina - 11 Days  
  From CAD 4,109 / person sharing  
  This 11-day adventure gives you the best of two of Southeast Asia's most intriguing countries. All in one itinerary you'll experience the misty mountains and beautiful French colonial towns of Laos and discover the enchantment of Vietnam by sailing through ethereal landscapes of Halong Bay and exploring two historical and modern metropolises.  
  Ancient Angkor Wat and Beyond - 11 Days  
  From CAD 4,074 / person sharing  
  Revel in Vietnam's energetic capital Hanoi, cruise an azure ocean pierced by surreal looking limestone islands in Ha Long Bay and enjoy the watery landscape of green fields and sleepy villages along the Mekong Delta. While in Cambodia you'll meander through fascinating Angkor Wat and interact with street vendors while you purchase fresh ingredients for your Khmer cooking class.  
  Thailand Discovery - 10 Days  
  From CAD 2,016 / person sharing  
  Make the most of your exploration of beautiful Thailand with this itinerary that visits the throbbing capital Bangkok, the lush jungles of Chiang Mai, and the palm lined shores of Koh Samui.  
  Affordable Japan - 8 Days  
  From CAD 6,188 / person sharing  
  Experience the scenic wonders of Japan, as you visit the majestic Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain, following a tour of Tokyo. Continue to Hakone, Nagoya, Magome and finally the ancient capital of Kyoto.  
  Best of Beach & Culture (Indonesia) - 7 Days  
  From CAD 1,953 / person sharing  
  The title says it all! Travelers will experience a local market visit and cooking class, explore an artisan village, enjoy magnificent views from Uluwatu Cliff, feast on a seafood dinner at the beach and much more on this journey to beautiful Bali.  
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