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     The Women's Travel Group:
SITA World Tours and The Women's Travel Group (WTG) are strategic partners in women's luxury, exotic tours. With eight decades of experience, SITA is one of North America's most reputable Tour Operators for exotic destinations. SITA has extensive experience in the women's market.

SITA provides luxury itineraries for The Women's Travel Group, as it did for its predecessor, a national award-winning Women's Travel Club. Our women's itineraries are colorful and enhanced with speakers, inside visits and unusual sites. Room shares are arranged for solo travelers (room share availability is guaranteed for several destinations); singles are available.
  Desert, Dunes, Wildlife and People: NAMIBIA - Sold Out  
  August 27 - September 8, 2017  
  Namibia is located at the South Western corner of the African continent. It is full of unique game, amazing scenery including famous names such as the Kalahari Desert, Etosha, Walvis Bay and others. Game abounds, some not seen anywhere else. The excellent road system allows us to access a great deal of wild game, and birds, tribes and towns. Sossusvlei is one of the most spectacular sights in Namibia, the fourth largest conservation reserve in the world and the largest in Africa. Known for the highest sand dunes on earth, the interplay of colors and contrasts at sunrise and sunset provide awe-inspiring vistas. Namibia is for those who want to see and experience a country apart from the tourists. We will be accompanied by both excellent rangers and a Namibia specialist whose experience includes wildlife photography and extensive travel experience in SW Africa. This is a coed private trip.  
  Colors of India & Diwali Festival  
  October 10 - 22, 2017  
  The Women's Travel Group's India is a must. A visit during the Diwali Festival is magical. Fireworks celebrate this joyous holiday. Your tour will mean so much more with a visit to a private home for a special Diwali dinner, a boat ride on the Ganges, a visit to a classical dance school, even a sample yoga lesson. We stay in fine hotels and you will be escorted throughout your tour.  
  Chile with Patagonia  
  Nov 6 - Nov 10, 2017 - From CAD 4,354/person sharing  
    From sophisticated Santiago with its internationally praised vineyards to majestic ancient forests and soaring volcanoes, Chile is a jewel with a fascinating history, a diverse ecology and a modern, colorful culture. Take the Buenos Aires pre-tour for a taste of Argentine culture. Add Easter Island, one of the planet's most mysterious places. Over 900 giant carved stone heads, called moai, are found on Rapa Nui  
  Israel - Dynamic and Diverse  
  January 20-28, 2018  
    CAD 6,076 with 6 going CAD 5,271 with 12 going so tell your friends Many faceted Israel awaits our group. We visit famous sites as well as hidden secrets, ancient Biblical scenes alongside a modern dynamic country. Our Israel trip is for women who wish to enjoy a diverse view of Israel while appreciating its art, food, history, and scenery. Please join us for this small group excursion to one of the most glorious countries, continue to Petra which is a bucket list option.  
  Highlights of Southern Africa  
  February 17 - March 1, 2018  
  Capetown, one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, is our gateway to a land of magnificence and majesty, yet a dark and poignant history. We visit the gardens, game and glories of the country. We explore with the background of recent and colonial South African history and through the viewpoints of its many ethnic groups. No trip to South Africa should be without stops in Botswana and the feel of mist from Victoria Falls.  
  Some special features   include:
  • Culinary classes and local market visits
  • Henna hand painting
  • Explore local villages
  • Visit to a classical dance school and yoga lesson in India
  • Well-paced itineraries allowing for interaction with your fellow travelers



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