Colombia Experiences



The capital of Colombia and one of the biggest cities in Latin America, Bogota boasts historic riches. Its well preserved historic quarter, La Candelaria, has a good claim to be the original capital of colonial South America, placed strategically to the mystical El Dorado. Surrounded by the magnificent Andean peaks, the city is home to dozens of theatres, art galleries, chic coffee shops, world class restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. Parque 93 is the city’s laid back, fine dining district while Usaquen is the high end, old historic centre. Plaza de Bolivar, the city’s historic centre along with the gorgeous Cerro de Monserrate are also amongst Bogota’s most popular attractions.



The most visited city in Colombia, Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive buildings from the colonial times. Located on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, Cartagena is a fascinating mix of beachside fun and urban living. With a charming old town full of colorful buildings, cobbled streets, balconies covered in bougainvillea and a vibrant night life, Cartagena is fast becoming one of the most preferred Caribbean destinations.



From once being the most dangerous city in the world, Medellin, also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ because of its temperate climate, has come a long way. Surrounded by the stunning Andes and incredible nature, Medellin, situated in a narrow valley, is a spectacular hillside city. It is the second largest city in Colombia with a modernist appeal, which is reflective of the progressiveness of its residents. With the only Colombian city to have a Metro system, Medellin is perhaps most famous for the Botero Museum, other than being the home of the now deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar.


Coffee Plantations

One of the most revered coffee producers in the world, Colombia is fast becoming a hub for coffee tourism. The world’s third largest coffee producer, just behind Brazil and Vietnam, Colombia offers more than just traditional coffee tours. From visiting coffee farms to specialty coffee shops, there are plenty of immersive coffee experiences available all over Colombia