Macau Experiences


Macau Peninsula

The Macau Peninsula is the most populous and historical part of Macau. The Historic Center of Macau, which is completely on the Macau Peninsula, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the most exciting district of the territory, home to many of Macau’s casinos, historic points, lively streets and rhe Macau Museum.



Located in the southern part of Macau, Coloane Island offers many historic sites and still maintains most of the traditional methods of Macanese living. The Chapel of St Francis Xavier is the main attraction which is situated on the southern coast of the island.



Originally situated between the Macau Peninsula and Coloane Island, it is now joined with Coloane by land reclamation from the sea. Taipa Village is Macau’s main destination for tradition and heritage. From Chinese temples to colonial churches visitors can see the best Portuguese and Macanese restaurants in town, as well as art galleries, museums and souvenir shops, all within walking distance of each other.