• Capital_blue-1

    La Paz

  • Population_blue

    11.5 Million

  • Size_blue

    1,098,581 sq km

  • currency_blue

    Bolivian Boliviano

  • Language_blue


  • Time Zone_blue
    Time Zone

    UTC -4

  • visa_blue

    No Visa required

Altiplanic Deserts Of Argentina, Chile & Bolivia
15 Days

Prices from CAD 10,790 per person

Start your tour in Buenos Aires, one of South America’s most alluring cities and the capital of Argentina. Take a tango lesson and appreciate Argentina’s cobbled streets, historic buildings and stunning gorges and national parks. Visit Argentina’s world-famous Atacama Desert and its salt flats (Salinas Grandes) before departing for Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest in the world. From lagoons to geysers, you will be enchanted by incredible nature throughout your 15-day tour.

Bolivia in Family
12 Days

Prices from CAD 4,590 per person

Tour Overview

Your Bolivian travels start in La Paz where you will be guided by a ‘lustra bota’ or shoe-shiner who will provide a unique impression of the city.  Then on to Copacabana, a pleasant town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake.  Experience the Uyuni Salt Flats where the earth and sky meet and makes you think the horizon disappears.  Explore the jungle in the Madidi National Park where you can catch sight of Capuchin and red howler monkeys, macaws, and other unique species while staying in tree tents.  Your Bolivian adventure awaits!

Bolivia in Luxury
10 Days

Prices from CAD 6,990 per person

Tour Overview

Experience the best highlights from this landlocked South American country. Start in Santa Cruz, the gateway to the Amazon and travel to the charming city of Sucre. Go back in time to Potosi with its traditional colonial streets and artisan market. Experience the Uyuni Salt flats with their photographic landscapes. And enjoy the beautiful views of La Paz while riding the cable car over the city.

Magical Andes
08 Days

Prices from CAD 4,120 per person

Tour Overview

Take in the diversity and natural beauty of Bolivia on this 8-day tour. Start on Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake and then travel to La Paz, elected as one of the 7 wonder cities in the world. It is in a valley at the foothills of the Andes Range, 11942 ft. above sea level. Wander the street markets rich in handicrafts and see the colonial landmarks. Travel to the incredible Uyuni salt flats and their beautiful sunsets. The Magic of the Andes awaits you in Bolivia!